POSTER MAINO 240x297 Poster

Year 2018

Written and directed by Federico Allocca, Gabriele Ciances, Andrea Sestu

Distribuited by Notorious Pictures
Production company One Shot AgencyEditing by Matteo Santi, Andrea Cilento
Direct sound recording Roberto Marelli
Color correction Mario Leclere
Sound editing Alessandro Fusaroli, Alessandro Bonfanti
Mix and master Livio Paulet
Production consultants Walter De Majo, Alessandro Elia
Camera operators Gabriele Ciances, Federico Allocca, Andrea Sestu
Tour additional operators Jacopo Boscaini, Andrea Scimone
Graphics and titles design Matilde Pretolesi

Synopsis: Elisa Maino is a young star. In only two years she became the teenagers idol with over 4 million followers on social media. She wrote a book titled "#OPS" that sold 50.000 copies in only six weeks, rising to the top of the best selling books in Italy. The event will be the opportunity to get to know the real Elisa, with her passions, her secrets, and the relationship with her fans that also follow her offline, like during the book-tour in which entire city's squares were flooded by adorning teenagers.