Film director and editor, I started working as a video editor and author for several web talent agencies while studying Cinema and Filmmaking at the Mohole school. In 2018 I co-directed the documentary "#OPS – L'evento", distributed to the cinema by Notorious Pictures and available in streaming on the Amazon Prime Video platform. In 2019 I am a teacher of editing and post-production, again at the Mohole school. In 2022, I directed and edited "PETROSYAN", a sports documentary produced by Anemone Film, which tells the story of a kickboxer, Giorgio Petrosyan, considered the strongest in the world in the history of his discipline. In 2023, I wrote and directed my first short film, “Paesaggio interno” distributed by Premiere Film. The film is a free adaptation of Antonio Tabucchi’s novel “Requiem.” In the same year, I co-founded the association "La Terza Via" with witch I developed "Tracce di confine", a video installation with ten screens that focuses on the most conflict-affected regions of Ukraine. This installation was shown in a premiere at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan. Currently, I am working on "Il Sogno," a documentary film about the lives of two young Ukrainian artists who create artworks using war materials and discarded items.